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Established in 2014, Cann Group is the first company to be issued with a cannabis research licence by the Australian Federal Department of Health's Office of Drug Control (ODC) in February 2017. This licence authorises Cann to cultivate cannabis (in association with a relevant permit) for research purposes. In addition, in March 2017, Cann Group was issued Australia’s first medicinal cannabis cultivation licence, which authorised Cann to produce Australian-grown cannabis (in association with a relevant permit) for medicinal purposes.

Cann’s Board and management have extensive experience in the agriculture, agronomic and health research sectors and in developing and commercialising agricultural technology.

Cann has established R&D and cultivation facilities in Australia and is pursuing a fully-integrated business model with collaboration agreements, resources and capabilities that will enable it to establish a leading position in plant genetics, breeding, cultivation, production, manufacturing, and clinical evaluation to facilitate the supply of medicinal cannabis for a range of diseases and medical conditions.

Cann’s vision is to be a leading developer and supplier of cannabis, cannabis resin and medicinal cannabis products.

Our share register is maintained by Link Market Services Limited. Shareholders can view and update holding details, including Tax File Number or ABN, contact details and communications preferences, by visiting the share registry website in new window

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